Highly recommend

We couldn’t be happier with the experience we had with Merit Technology. Relocating an office can be very chaotic. Jonathan and his team made the technology aspects very easy. Our hardware was meticulously packed and re-installed at the new location. The equipment they used is top-notch, and they did a fantastic job wiring our office and assembling a highly organized network cabinet where everything sits nicely, working as it should. They were very attentive, and made additional trips to our office to ensure everything was working. Phone calls were answered quickly and professionally, and I know I can call and ask about anything IT and they’ll have an answer or suggestion. Jonathan’s deep experience is evident, and his team is competent, polite and clearly determined to do what it takes to serve the client. I highly recommend them for all things IT.

Christopher Dulin, CPA Christopher Dulin, CPA Cashiola, Dulin & Hassett PC

The right decision

In the construction industry, time is critical on every project and we cannot afford down-time due to technical issues or a lack of customer support regarding our computers and phone systems. After much research and consideration, we found that the managed services provided by Merit Technology Consultants was the perfect fit for our need. I did not want to have to hire a full time employee to be on stand-by when I had a problem, but with Merit Technology’s Help Desk Chat app loaded on my desktop, it’s like having my own personal tech assistant available whenever I need them. The decision to partner with Merit Technology was the right decision for MACO Construction, and I’m certain that it you will find it to be the right decision for you as well.

Duane Cannon |Client Testimonials | Merit Technology Consultant | Duane Cannon President & Co-Owner
MACO Construction

No More IT Emergencies

Elite Comfort has never had an IT company with a such a comprehensive service plan. My previous IT companies would eventually respond to problems we had, once they became an emergency anyway. Merit Technology Consultants has prevented us from having IT emergencies. Jonathan manages our updates, backups, virus protection, and networks so that forgetting to do that "one backup" or that "one update" never costs us again! Although I'm "pretty good" with computers I will never go back to doing these things "in house" again! Simply stated, doing business with Merit has proven to be a good business decision and certainly well worth our investment.

Thank you for being there for us Merit Technology Consultants, your services are greatly appreciated!

Chris Avirett |Client Testimonials |Merit Technology Consultant Chris Avirett Owner
Elite Comfort

Flat Fees

I have signed up with Merit Technology’s help desk service and I just LOVE the chat feature. It was great to get a person to chat with and I didn’t have to wait on hold. Their technicians are knowledgeable and helped fix my computer problems quickly and efficiently. I did not have to wait for a technician to drive out to my office or lose valuable time during my day to work around the problem. It's also great to know it's unlimited use for a flat fee. As a business owner, I need to spend my day working for my clients, not fixing computer issues. Thanks Merit Technology for your help.

Deanna Bloodworth |Cleint Testimonials |Merit Technology Consultant Deanna Bloodworth Owner
Deanna Bloodworth, CPA P.L.L.C

Quick Resolution

The Merit 24-hour hotline is a great resource when you’re in a pinch and need help. They resolve the problem quickly. I don’t sit on the phone forever while the tech walks me through possible solutions. I get a quick resolution using the Merit helpdesk.

Looking for a great IT provider, Merit is there to look out for your best interests. They are a great team to work with. They work within your budget and will exceed what other IT companies offer.

Mike Allard |Client Testimonials |Merit Technology Consultant Mike Allard Sr. Pastor at Crossroads Fellowship Church