Is an office move in your future?  Our service department has a proven process for transitioning your IT equipment to the new environment.  Our technicians can tear down, pack, move, and stand up your total network efficiently, without damage or downtime, and within your time frame.  There is no need to entrust your costly IT equipment to employees with no understanding of the purpose or value of the network components.  Let our technicians take that concern off your plate.  Our service professionals can communicate with your Internet Service Provider to make sure you are getting the level of service you need for your new office.  If you are moving to or from The Woodlands area, we can help you plan and implement your office move while you concern yourself with other aspects of the move.

Let Merit Technology Consultants' handle move to your new office:

  • Vendor Communication – We can handle getting the new internet, phone, or other technical services transitioned. Our service department will make sure you get the services you need without paying for those services that you don’t.
  • Build out and updates – Merit Technology can complete any necessary cabling or build out projects necessary to accommodate your network components in your new space.
  • A safe and predictable plan – You have enough worries surrounding acquiring a new office. There is no need for your IT equipment to become a part of that burden.  Let us tailor make a plan that fits your needs.

If an office move is in your future, call us today to hear how we can make your move easy on you, your employees, and your stress level.